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Our Passion On Your Table
Km 0 Seafood

All the Fishes, Crustaceans and Shellfishes that you taste at Capo Nord are cought in the wonderful Tigullio Gulf.

Carefull Service

Our Waiting Staff takes care of all your needs to grant a custom experience.

Sky, Sun and Sea

We are committed every day to take care of every detail of our slice of heaven.


Our Mission

For many years now, Hospitality is not only our job, but our Greatest Passion. There is something magical about playing with the sensations that the right food with the right wine and the right mood can give. To turn a simple meal into an emotion and a friendly moment into an event.
At Capo Nord we have created a unique alchemy with an innovative culinary style, careful, but informal service and a breathtaking location.

Our goal is to Thrill.

ristorante capo nord santa margherita ligure portofino

What they say About Us

ristorante capo nord santa margherita ligure portofino
summer 2021

Discover Capo Nord

After all the ups and downs of the past year we are loaded with hope for the amazing upcoming summer.

We are waiting for you with a lot of news and a huge desire to restart.

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